Hi, my name is Gerhard » Yegór « Funk

I am a visual artist and I like to share what I have learned.

I have a german academic degree equivalent to international » master «. Before studying » media arts & design « at fine art academy I accomplished a 3 year apprenticeship as » print media operator «. After study I’ve gained several years of experience in advertising, visual effects, e-learning, virtual reality etc. working in fixed positions as well as a freelancer. Currently I’m both – media artist and freelancer.

My academic teaching experience started while I still was a student at the fine art academy. I worked for the same academy as a tutor helping fellow students mastering digital image treatment, print layout, experimental animation techniques etc. Later, when I became a freelancer, I started teaching at universities of applied sciences as lecturer covering such topics as:
» concepts for computer animation «
» research & idea development «
» artist to customer communication «
and other, inspired by my commissioned and own work.

All the examples I share here were completed by me for the students as simple demonstrations of techniques. Additionaly they meant to be fun inspirations motivating the students to try different things and play with the tools.

Please take a look around and feel free to contact me if you have questions, proposals or just want to say » hi «


more about my artistic and commercial work:
gerhard-funk.net (artist site)
g-funk.org (freelancer portfolio)
giphy.com/gerhardfunk (loop-animations blog)
ambitious drawings (sketch blog)